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Have you ever been to Kuching, Sarawak? Even if you have not, most Malaysian have heard of Gambir Sarawak. For those that had the pleasure of visiting Kuching, you would have noticed little signage of "Gambir Sarawak Asli" or original Gambir Sarawak.


Gambir found in Sarawak is actually atree/shrub, that used to be popular for chewing with betel nut.Traditionally about 1/4 of a whole betel nut would be wrap inside a leaf with a pinch of lime and a little gambir flavoring, the whole quid would be chewed, swallowing the secreted juices. Beside that, its also known to be used as an important leather tanning material. There is even a street named after it, Gambir Street, as Gambir and other spices were actively traded back in the early 1900's.


Nowadays, due to human ingenuity, Gambir Sarawak is mostly sought after as a sex aid. Aphrodisiac or "tambah power" as some claimed. Its normally used by men to prolong (local version of spanish fly) and help penis erections. Gambir bark measuring 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch are normally sold in individual packet. Usage of gambir is simple and small amount are recommended for first time user as the sensation could be overwhelming.

Although it's mainly used by men, there have been reports that women that uses them, loves the burning sensation on their clitoris / labia and have achieved multiple orgasms due to the tingling sensation and the prolong performance by their lover. Note: the affect might differ with each individual. There has not been any report of side affect or allergy due to gambir as it is made from natural organic material. If unsure, do try on a small skin surface before hand.

1. Tear a small piece, about 1/4 and palce in palm.
2. Drip a few drops of water on the gambir.
3. Twirl to mix water and gambir for a minute.
4. Apply to penis and wait for 1-3 minutes.
5. Rememeber to rinse the excess off as it will heat up like methol.

Tongkat Ali Guide

The meaning of the word Tongkat Ali is “Ali’s walking stick” in the Malay language. It actually indicates the ability of the shrub to fight against physical exhaustion and mental fatigue by strengthening the immunity. Below are related articles to the benefits and side effects of Tongkat Ali, as well as guides on the different types of Tongkat Ali uses and supplements.

Benefits and Side Effects

Discover the benefits of Tongkat Ali, as both a medical supplement and a sexual enhancer. Of course, there are some side effects too that you need to consider.

What Are Tongkat Ali Side Effects?

Many people happily believe that Tongkat Ali does not have side effects and it is true up to some extent because the after effects appear only after certain conditions and only after a certain period of time. The most important thing concerning Tongkat Ali is that it does not come packed with harsh and rough side effects as with other herbal supplements. So let’s take a look at these not so harsh and rough Tongkat Ali side effects.

Benefits of Taking Tongkat Ali

Every natural herb brings us many benefits. Some herbs cure specific diseases or address specific health conditions while the rest help us for our physical and mental well being. In addition to that, some herbs give us a wide spectrum of benefits addressing a range of issues. Tongkat Ali is one such herb offering many benefits for different conditions. Let’s take a look at the Tongkat Ali benefits that it has in offer for you and me.

How Tongkat Ali Works?

First of all, it is vital to understand how Tongkat Ali works in order to fully understand the Tongkat Ali benefits.

Tongkat Ali primarily is a medicine for stimulating male hormones (testosterone) so it enhances the testosterone production. When taken in appropriate doses, Tongkat Ali increases the testosterone level of the blood, enhancing and prompting all effects that are created by testosterone.

In addition to that, Tongkat Ali stimulates the central nervous system, indirectly. In this way, consumers gain indirect advantages as well. Although there are thousands of consumers for Tongkat Ali in the world, there have been no reports about damaging side effects.

The Benefits

People use Tongkat Ali for two reasons; sexual performance enhancements and other diseases.
Sexual Enhancements

Following are the benefits related to sexual performance enhancement gained by Tongkat Ali users:

1. Infertility is one of the main benefits Tongkat Ali delivers. But this is not the most prominent benefits. If someone is critically suffering from this condition, relying fully on Tongkat Ali is not recommended.

2. Impotence is one of the main dysfunctions helped by Tongkat Ali. Since testosterone plays a vital role in impotence, enhancements of testosterone definitely helps in getting rid of impotence.

3. Improper or little ejaculation is also addressed by Tongkat Ali. The amount of fluid in male ejaculation is also subjected to the level of testosterone. However, there are other medicines for addressing this problem and it is advised to take a mixture of treatments for optimum results.

4. Erectile dysfunction is the main issue addressed by Tongkat Ali. By increasing testosterone level of the male body, Tongkat Ali helps men get rid of erectile problems, so they can better enjoy the sex life.

5. Premature ejaculation is a condition treated by Tongkat Ali. The person should be able to witness the power of this herb within the first few hours after taking the medicine. Tongkat Ali usually shows immediate effects in certain areas such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

6. Some people feel exhausted after performing sexual intercourse. By taking Tongkat Ali, users will be able to enjoy long sexual performance as well as feel fit after completing it.

Other Uses

There are other Tongkat Ali benefits other than sexual performance enhancements and here are a few.

1. Tongkat Ali is widely used for treating Malaria in the south-east Asian region. However, this is replaced by the modern medicines. But, there are remote regions that trust the use of Tongkat Ali for Malarial treatments, even as of today.

2. Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts use Tongkat Ali for maintaining a proper body as Tongkat Ali increases the testosterone level in the blood.

Usage of Tongkat Ali in Bodybuilding
Tongkat Ali is a natural product native to Southeast Asia. Although it has been there for many years, the western world discovered it recently. After discovering the herb, there were many researches and experiments conducted by scientific communities to find scientific explanation of what Tongkat Ali does. As a result of the researches, Tongkat Ali for bodybuilding received fame among people who are interested in fitness for its most prominent effects on muscle building and muscle toning.

Tongkat Ali’s ability to enhance some of the bodily functions and addresses some of the issues such as erectile dysfunctions has been noted for many hundreds years and it has been used for treating those conditions successfully. However, sadly though, similar to many indigenous medicines used in many cultures of the world, Tongkat Ali has not been fully integrated into the modern science yet.

How does it help for Bodybuilding?

As already mentioned, Tongkat Ali is a testosterone booster. Testosterone is all what matters for bodybuilding as it is the primary hormone for muscle mass and strengthening. When Tongkat Ali boosts the testosterone tone, the body’s testosterone volume rises high. This helps all the body functions that rely on testosterone including the muscle mass and strength.

There have been a number of researches and experiments conducted for analyzing the Tongkat Ali’s effect on muscles. These experiments suggest that while enhancing the level of endogenous testosterone in the body, the herb reduces the levels of metabolically inactive testosterone in the body.

In addition to the sexual performance enhancements and muscle mass and strength enhancements, it is reported that Tongkat Ali consumers achieve higher level of well-being. This is quite helpful for anyone and especially for athletes.

In addition to boosting testosterone, Tongkat Ali also stimulates the central nervous system. Overall, this is one of the best indirect advantages of Tongkat Ali as it has many positive effects on the body. More than short term, nervous system stimulation brings good things in the long run. That is why consumers who take Tongkat Ali experience long term general well-being and the enhancements in the central nervous system.

What is the dosage?

The dosage usually differs from one brand to another and one person to another. If you are a bodybuilder, there are many parameters governing the supplement intake. The current weight, workout activities, and lifestyle are three main parameters which determine how much of supplement is required for the body.

For this, the individual will have to consult a qualified medical professional or a personal trainer. They will direct the individual on suitable intake of Tongkat Ali and workout schedules.

If an individual takes in higher volume of Tongkat Ali supplements, he should involve in higher level of muscle building activities to burn the additional tone of testosterone.

What are the side effects?

There are a few side effects of Tongkat Ali for bodybuilding. In most of the cases, it is a result of overdose of Tongkat Ali. Since bodybuilders (mostly armatures) usually want to build their muscles faster, they try with higher doses of the supplements regardless of medical recommendations or label instructions. That results in overdoses of Tongkat Ali to the body and could even lead to damaged liver in extreme cases.

Pure Tongkat Ali

As one of the Asia’s best kept secrets from the rest of the world, pure Tongkat Ali is one of the most powerful and effective natural medicines available today for enhancing sexual performance in men.

Although Tongkat Ali is relatively new for the rest of the world, it has been thoroughly used by men in Malaysia, Indonesia, and other neighboring countries for sexual performance enhancements and other medical treatments. When treating many of these conditions, pure Tongkat Ali has always been effective over the regular Tongkat Ali extractions.

Tongkat Ali is a testosterone booster by nature, so it enhances the bodily activities controlled by testosterone. Male sexual performance, muscle mass and strength, bone protection are some of the important functions performed by testosterone. Therefore, Tongkat Ali supplements enhance the mentioned activities and gain an extra mile for the consumers.

What is Pure Tongkat Ali?

There are many ways of extracting Tongkat Ali. These methods for extraction differ from the techniques used hundreds of years ago to the most recent scientific methods. When it comes to the quality of Tongkat Ali extracts, the method used plays a vital role. As for example, if we take root powder, it is in its basic form and it can be consider as raw.

There is no specific extraction method other than the conventional way of extracting Tongkat Ali for this.
Some of the Tongkat Ali products such as Tongkat Ali LongJack use more advanced and scientifically proven methods for extracting Tongkat Ali. Using these methods, each vital and active components in the extract can be differentiated and the waste and non-essential components can be taken away from the core essence.

The resulting version after employing this method can be considered as ‘pure’ Tongkat Ali as it does not contain non-essential components and waste chemicals.

The Benefits of Pure Tongkat Ali

There are many benefits of pure Tongkat Ali compared to the rest. First of all, the essence of the extract is quite high, resulting in strong extracts. The consumers do not have to take large quantities for a dose; rather they just have to take a fraction of the ‘normal dose’.

Secondly, the results or rather the affects of the pure Tongkat Ali is more prominent and speedy than the regular extracts. Since the pure extracts contain more essence, it has a greater impact on the testosterone and the central nervous system of the body.

In addition to that, it is guaranteed that no waste or non-essential chemicals are taken in with pure Tongkat Ali.

Where to Buy Pure Tongkat Ali?

Finding pure Tongkat Ali is quite a challenging task. Pure Tongkat Ali is rare in the market as it is quite pricy because it uses sophisticated extraction technologies. However, with some research and effort, it is possible to find pure Tongkat Ali. There are drug stores selling pure Tongkat Ali for relatively higher prices than the regular extracts. There are also plenty of online stores available (including eBay sellers) for securely buying pure Tongkat Ali.

Research on The Tongkat Ali Herb
Over the past couple of years, there have been numerous Tongkat Ali researches conducted to test the effects Tongkat Ali has on sexual performance. The results have been always positive and have supported the conventional beliefs about how Tongkat Ali helps erectile dysfunction.

One of the researches conducted using rats have given a good picture of what is really happening with Tongkat Ali and how the intake dose and the frequency effect the consumer. First of all, the dosage given for rats was 800mg per 1 kg of the body weight. When it comes to humans, this is quite a high dosage. Imagine 800mg in to 65 kg and how about taking in that dosage (about 52 g) twice a day? Although this is too much for humans, rats were given the above proportion of Tongkat Ali in order to observe immediate effects, so the research time can be minimized.

The male rats were given two doses of Tongkat Ali a day for 10 days. There are a few interesting observations from this research. First of all, rats that were given Tongkat Ali changed their behavior significantly compared to the rats that were not given Tongkat Ali. The rats who were on a Tongkat Ali dosage, started hanging around the female rats more than usual. Although the rats that were not given Tongkat Ali spend time exploring cage etc., the rats with Tongkat Ali spent all there time with female rats.

The research used two parameters for changing the rats’ behavior to see how Tongkat Ali affects them. The first one was the dosage. When the dosage increases, the number of times the male rats tried to mate with the female rats was increased. In addition to that, male rats started self grooming their genitals, which can be interpreted as self pleasuring. This is a clear indication of the positive effect on the sexual drive of Tongkat Ali. Then the dosage frequency was also increased for measuring the effects. High frequencies of dosage also created similar behavior as high dosage.

Although there have been a number of Tongkat Ali researches conducted with rodents, there have been only one or two researches done with human samples. One such Tongkat Ali research has taken place in Malaysia. The reports say that it has shown the relationship between Tongkat Ali and male testosterone levels. Since the details of this research have been published in one of the promotional materials, the authenticity of the material is not known.

When it comes to Tongkat Ali research, there are no published researches about the long term affects of taking the herbal medicine. Therefore, consumers have an options available. Take Tongkat Ali with a break. For an example, one can take Tongkat Ali for one week and not take in the following week. This gives a good break to the body and will minimize if there are long term affects.

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